Tip-- Steady Aim

When shooting period you always want to be steady to get clean and sharp shots.  My way to be steady is to think and act like a sniper. When I say that I mean take a deep breath and stop breathing just before you fire the shutter button to hold still. Do this would help for less vertical movement while firing and while doing this it would help by bringing the camera closer to yourself to better stabilization since this would start to make your camera more of an extension of yourself. Technically making you into a tripod or a monopod depending on the situation and your best stance possible. Another thing to keep in mind is the reciprocal rule for less motion blur. The  reciprocal rule states that your shutter speed should at least your focal length. So say you're at 105 mm then your shutter speed should be at least 125th of a second or 1/125. If anyone hasany other rule or suggestion for steady aim then please leave a comment down below please.