The Secretary is in the building...

Hiya everybody,

I am Alex and I am the secretary for De'Unique Studios.

Today's blog will be covered by me as the emperor is seriously busy and still recovering from his cold. I will use his hiatus as my introduction space. My office is in little old Houston, Texas. I am a well-rounded trivia nerd who loves food. If it was up to me this page would have a food/coffee category. My contribution to De'Unique is my organization skills, my smile, and honestly my ability to think on the spot.

Dequan is an amazing photographer who truly wants the best photos. He cares about the experience and the finish product. Me on the other hand I can make sure communication between both you and Dequan is always made. Also I am here for any questions you have that you might think is silly or maybe common knowledge. Just use me as your De'Unique search engine. I am always online or accessible.

My contact information:






I am super friendly, so send me a message or request I don't mind.

~Alex from De'Unique