Sharpness and Light

Shooting wide open isn't the sharpest aperture.  Yes, it may be sharp where you want it, but if you want something so sharp it'll cut you then if your lenses' max aperture is 2.8 then it should be normally F/4 and if you have a 1.2 to a 1.8 then F/2 for 1.2 and 1.4 and I think F/2.8 for the 1.8.  And for people with variable f/3.5-6.3 I find my lens to be sharpest at F/9 on down.  

Now remember that's for the sharpest picture not the brightest.  For the brightest you gotta know the exposure forumla.   Which is ISO + shutter speed + aperture = exposure 

Although you should think of it more as a triangle since if you increase the ISO and nothing else when you already had a correctly exposed photo, what you will get is a brighter photo.  So be aware of the changes you make to your settings so you get what you were looking for.   

Now to bring in the beginning statements I made together.  Yes we all love that milky and creamy background that 1.2 and 1.4 gives us, but you gotta know whens not the time for that. Which would be  moving subjects, you can try but more than likely there will be reshoots and compromises if you're not too careful. So, to avoid this just set the aperture lower so it'll be more sharper and just change your settings accordingly to have the exposure you want.


I think I'm trying to make up for some lost time with this post I kinda feel like this is all over the place.

It's Been Some Time

Honestly since the last post I have been constantly at work (at Dollar General) and while yes I had off days whether it was just one or if it was two or more I still used excuses to be lazy.  Not only that but, just kept telling to myself and my girlfriend reasons why I couldn't do my photography professionally

(even though I actually can now and at the time)

just because I don't have the cool expensive lenses even though I have more than enough knowledge to just do it now and then some. Honestly, my only reason for that thinking is flexibility (laziness) and creativity and for the computer equipment that was and is an actually need but like the nice lenses, I just use it to keep me hindered.  Now I'm changing that, small things and I things that I can manage without a computer then everything esle. 

Secretary Blog: Plans for the Podcasts

It is no secret that De'Unique has big plans for the future. We are working hard to push towards making a podcast for all of our viewers and friends on Periscope and our website.

The podcast will cover vast arrangements of the arts such as, poetry, visual media, film and even paintings.

But we will make sure to appeal to every eclectic taste we will even discuss world news and intriguing innovations in electronics and science. 

If you want a sample of what a conversation with De'Unique sounds like here are some fun and hilarious conversations we have at work.


Our Topic Choice (My FAVORITE) Suicide Squad-


Unboxing/Programming Amazon Fire Kids Edition

Sometimes the convos end up going completely opposite of the title but for the main part we love to talk to you .

Catch you guys on the internet side.


Reasons of the Lenses

I like both ZEISS and Sigma.


Because Zeiss is of great quality, well respected, and fully manual.  Whereas Sigma is the same but it has auto focus on its side. I love to photograph people and animals, normally you can place me with other portrait photographers and when I photograph people in controlled settings then I would prefer the ZEISS lenses over Sigma since I now have time to make and get the shot. On the other hand I like to take candid portraits which would something like the Sigma Art lenses since they have auto focus and try their very best to compete with ZEISS. Another reason of why I'll take Zeiss is since I want to make videos and movies, their lenses have a larger focus throw at a portion of what I normal cine lens would cost, except for the 85mm f/1.4 Otus that I want at over $3,000.  The only other lenses that I want will be a Nikon 24-70 and 70-200 for focal reasons, unless one of the two companies create a fast lens along those focal lengths

Time Needed

It has been done time since I was last doing business stuff and business-related stuff.  Thats because I get easily lot into whatever I do, and so I'd rather get lost in my art and passion than something I constantly stress over.  And now I have returned.  I have been renting lenses and shooting with them to get a test of what I want to officially buy later down the line. Lenses such as the ZEISS milvus 85mm f/1.4 or the Sigma 85mm f/1.4. Both of these lenses and definitely on my list of things to buy, I'll explain on the next post where I'll be getting into my choices for specific focal lengths and what I tend to shoot.  


About That

The Tweet Feed tab of the website doesn't actually show for mobile users. This does seem to be something out of my hands for the moment but the issue will be resolved in time.  

*Podcast is coming soon*  


Monday Blog Day

Hey Guys Madame Secretary here.

De is busy looking for relevant and interesting news articles for the Empire's newspaper Due's News. I should be looking for articles of my own, but I was wondering if there are topics that tickle your minds or things you would like us to cover. I personally love learning about new gadgets and about new apps that make my phone my best friend.

We are trying to cover the Arts, Technology and Gadgets. Most of what we will write about will go towards books, art pieces, and De loves Apple.  

You can shoot us an email at:


Taking new routes and ideas to still make a lot of content but to do it in more of organized matter to make it easier.   

I have recently gotten a promotion at work so I'll start to see an increased check around the Friday  after next.  This is important since I'll be able to now pay bills and still have money to rent new lenses to get sharper photos and then I can start updating other cores of the website.  

Bloging has changed tho, main number of two per week and possibly three sometimes.  It will take effect next week since it was discussed on Saturday of last week.  

It's official

The Empire is now on Apple News and some of its content will be seen only in Apple News, I strongly urge everyone to follow De'Unique Empire Studios News Channel for all of the content.  

Meet Your Camera's New Buddy - De'Unique Empire Studios News


  • This is my first article post on there and more will be posted and also stay tuned here since there will be news posted here but remember that not a lot of news will be on the website 


Know What's Best for Your Lens and Camera Combo

If you don't know what's the best aperture for sharpest photos in certain settings and you only shoot wide open then you may be doing it wrong if the goal is sharp photos.  Even though shooting at F/1.2 or 1.4 is pretty cool to look at when done right it isn't the sharpest tho, it is the fastest.  For most good and well crafted lenses the area is between 2.8 to maybe f/4 (2.8 for the 1.4, maybe).  For my lens personally I need to be at f/14 with miniumum items in the background. That is my settings for the aperture when I'm taking most of my shots of myself and for  candids I stay in between f/9 to f/13 and I do use flash when shooting. I learned this when shooting multiple items at different apertures.

Sorry for the Absence

Currently I am working on more updated collections for things for sale and I am still working out the kinks for the upcoming D.U.E.S. News 

In the upcoming days I plan on also updating the Portfolio hopefully

The Secretary is in the building...

Hiya everybody,

I am Alex and I am the secretary for De'Unique Studios.

Today's blog will be covered by me as the emperor is seriously busy and still recovering from his cold. I will use his hiatus as my introduction space. My office is in little old Houston, Texas. I am a well-rounded trivia nerd who loves food. If it was up to me this page would have a food/coffee category. My contribution to De'Unique is my organization skills, my smile, and honestly my ability to think on the spot.

Dequan is an amazing photographer who truly wants the best photos. He cares about the experience and the finish product. Me on the other hand I can make sure communication between both you and Dequan is always made. Also I am here for any questions you have that you might think is silly or maybe common knowledge. Just use me as your De'Unique search engine. I am always online or accessible.

My contact information:






I am super friendly, so send me a message or request I don't mind.

~Alex from De'Unique

Tip-- Steady Aim

When shooting period you always want to be steady to get clean and sharp shots.  My way to be steady is to think and act like a sniper. When I say that I mean take a deep breath and stop breathing just before you fire the shutter button to hold still. Do this would help for less vertical movement while firing and while doing this it would help by bringing the camera closer to yourself to better stabilization since this would start to make your camera more of an extension of yourself. Technically making you into a tripod or a monopod depending on the situation and your best stance possible. Another thing to keep in mind is the reciprocal rule for less motion blur. The  reciprocal rule states that your shutter speed should at least your focal length. So say you're at 105 mm then your shutter speed should be at least 125th of a second or 1/125. If anyone hasany other rule or suggestion for steady aim then please leave a comment down below please.

Following Up

When ever you make arrangements for a job or plan shoots with others that are scheduled months or weeks ahead of time then you do everything in your power to follow through with that plan. This can be said and done with long term goals. Doing this isn't just a good trait but you can also delevop trust and be a pretty dependable person because of it. 

Be Prepared

So I ordered a Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 from Borrow Lenses, but later found out that I forgotten some information for my address and ended up needing to get a full refund. And this was for a gig tonight since I know that the lighting was going to be terrible for my lens since it can't handle low lighting. But I have lights that I'm bringing with me to the banquet so, what I'm saying is that because I know how to use the lights that I have I can use them to my advantage to help my lens see better and increase my aperture to around f/16-22 to make sure that the photo is as sharp as it can be.

Tip---Learn them Skils

I took a clean decent photo of my sister wearing this brand new skirt she ordered. The photo doesn't look like some average person took it, but rather like a person that knew what they were doing, took the photo and angled it as if it was a shot for a clothing store. And I used her cellphone (iPhone 6s Plus, no attachments or editing, on Snapchat). But anyways why don't you all be the judge of that.   


In the Future People of the Empire We Bring News

DUES NEWS will be unveiling lots of unique news based around the arts and some tech related art, such as cameras, drones, printers, and much more. It will be a weekly newspaper (online). And in months there will be a special add on to that, that will be told more of in due time. 

The Emperor has an event he is invited to photograph

On Friday at 6:00 pm central standard time I am leaving out to photograph a banquet for a church. I shall be renting a Sigma 50-100 f/1.8 and that rental period will lasts for about 6 days. This lens on my Nikon d7200 will give me a 75-150 f/1.8 since the d7200 has a crop factor of 1.5 making this a great combination for portraiture everyone.  

I Know I've been gone for a Bit, but...

I am still sick, but while I was gone me and my secretary gotten together and thought of some things. 

Things like a future news paper that you all will love and enjoy. It will be packed with information on what is going on in other kingdoms and nations as well as news from inside the walls. 

Another thing that we were discussing about is an upcoming podcast that will be nested in its own tab inside of the website as well as being on somewhere such as iTunes (as soon as I can figure that out). 

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