Dequan Anderson


Before being a Photographer, I drew and sketched (I still do its just not a large focus for now). The point that I am trying to make is that I am an Artist and this is what I feel that sets me a part from other photographers. Another is my drive to recreate your dream pictures while accomplishing a photo story through the dream.

I love to instill moments in time, such as candid photography.  I love taking photos that cannot be replaced, because it's a challenge to capture something that is once in a lifetime.  Also, I love to do studio photography since those photos are more controlled which can allow me to do more creative things with lighting and composure. 

Please, by all means view and share my work on all of my social networks, I am on most of the popular ones, including Pinterest and Tumblr.  

Contact me personally, in the contact section, regarding questions and concerns with things such as pricing or availability.

Welcome to De'Unique Empire Studios